Contraints Mastering

Updates, development, redevelopment, obsolescence… Alleviating as many time and financial constraints as the cloud is able to. We are no longer managing a business process from where it is taking place, but directly from there where the most available person is located. And that makes a huge difference.

Digital transition

At a time when low-code development and the cloud are really making their presence felt in the technological landscape, SLASHCLOUD takes care of the digitalisation of business processes and the transition to the cloud thanks to the Platform as a Service application (aPaaS).


This enables our clients to rationalise their management solutions by migrating part or all of their business process to a customise application. Less maintenance, more security, more accessibility, more reactivity, and finally, increased profitability.


A small technological revolution which enables you to reverse the traditional 20/80 maintenance-development ratio. And which makes the high quality services that are usually reserved for big businesses, accessible to all our clients, whatever their means. It’s as simple as that.


Sur-mesure cloud solutions

Start-ups, SME or big business,
a custom-made cloud for each.

The founders

Hadi Diallo

With more than 20 years of experience in IT, Hadi Diallo started out in the days of ZX81 when programmes were stored on cassettes. He acquired experience with numerous major accounts before accompanying small and medium-sized enterprises in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. He gets around by bike and can talk for hours about New Jack Swing. He has found memories of the release of the film WarGames in 1983.

Ousmane Diallo

Founder of Freshstudio in the media and Belitex in IT, it is in this domain that Ousmane Diallo has built up his experience with prestigious clients in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Great Britain. Like his brother, his experience in IT covers all the eras, from assembler programming to low-code development. He gets around by bakfiets, listens to Nina Simone and read the entire machine programming bible, “Commodore 64 Programmers Reference Guide”, in English when it first came out.

With us in the sky

They trusted us